Even though MREs carry the same MRP across the board, different places sell them for various prices. An online store may sell a single pack for just $4, for instance, while a surplus store may ask $7 for the same.

Regardless of where you buy your MREs from, though, there is one thing that remains common: you are benefitted more when you go for bulk MRE, as opposed to individual MRE. Here are the main reasons why.

Buying bulk provides attractive discount

It does not really make a difference whether you buy your MRE packages online, or offline. If you go for a full set, instead of going for a single pack, you are bound to get a lower price. This is the main beauty of buying MREs in bulk. The more packages you buy in one go, the better discount you can hope to get. In case a store does not give you discount right away even when you make it clear that you want to buy a large number of packs at once, just ask them if they can. Ordinarily, they should be happy to oblige.

Buying bulk guarantees low shipping

If you are primarily an online shopper, the chances are that you have cringed many times just looking at the shipping cost. Maybe, you have even canceled orders on occasions just because the shipping charge was too high. The good news is, by buying bulk MRE you can reduce the amount of shipping cost you pay. This is simply because when you buy one, or two, packs multiple times, you have to pay for shipping each and every time; which also means that when you buy everything at once, you just have to pay for shipping once, and no more.

Buying bulk ensures high convenience

When you are in a survival situation, you are unlikely to be in it for just a day, or two. Usually, it is higher than that. So, having multiple MREs with you is almost always a plus. Besides, when you purchase everything you need at once, you need not go shopping, or deal with courier guys, on many different occasions. That itself is a very convenient thing and is bound to save you a lot of headaches.

As MREs last for many years to come, when you buy bulk MRE, you do not face the risk of your foods getting spoilt. That said, there are both good and bad sellers, though. XMRE, for example, has a proven track record, but the same cannot be said about many other manufacturers.